The Trusted Choice for Moving Supplies in Lodi, CA

Wisechoice Self Storage is the partner you can count on when you need moving supplies in Lodi, CA. Our expansive selection and affordable pricing help safely and effectively organize your belongings and enjoy peace of mind throughout the project. From boxes to labels, mattress covers, and more, we make sure you never need another supplier by providing the best quality, value, and service every time.

Our team has the experience to answer your questions and assist with the boxing process. Navigating a move can be a challenge, but our packing supplies and expert insight help protect your property during transit. With us on your side, you can take the next big step in your life, whether it’s heading to your new home or clearing clutter out of your current space.

Options that Empower Your Success

We’re known for our top-notch supplies, but we also come equipped to help with other aspects of your project. Our expansive storage facility gives you the freedom to make room for new furniture, hold belongings between moving dates, or keep large items secure until you’re ready to bring them home. Combined with our diverse range of supplies, this service option lets you plan smarter and handle your project your way. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you pack.

Product Size Price
Padlock 1 1/2" $4.99
Padlock 2" $7.99
Padlock w/cover 1 3/4" $5.99
Disc Lock 2 3/4" $8.99
Trailer Disc Lock 2 3/8 $9.99
Packing Paper 10lbs $12.00
Shrink Wrap 5" $8.85
Shrink Wrap 20" $21.69
EZ - Pak for pictures -- $7.45
Custom Dish Set Small box included $9.60
Custom Glass Set Small box included $8.60
Small Bubble Wrap 12"x30" 1 1/16 bubble $5.50
Large Bubble Wrap 12"x20" 1/2" bubble $6.10
Moving Blankets -- $13.99
Chair Cover Two Pack $3.99
Sofa Cover -- $2.99
Picture Pouch -- $3.99
Matress Cover Twin $2.99
Matress Cover Full $3.95
Matress Cover Queen $4.95
Matress Cover King $5.95
Tape Gun -- $6.89
Packing Tape Single Roll $2.79
Packing Tape w/Dispencer 3 pack $5.49
Packing Tape w/Dispencer Single Roll $1.89
Fragile Tape w/Dispence Single Roll $1.29
Duct Tape Single Roll $5.95
Fragile Labels 25 Count $2.99
Storage Labels 50 Count $3.99
Moving Labels 140 Count $4.99
Giant Marker -- $1.99
Twin Tip Marker -- $1.39
Box Cutter -- $0.99
Sure Grip Gloves -- $2.99
Dri It 2 125gm Packs $6.69
Yellow Poly Rope 1/4"x50' $2.99
Utility Cord 1/4"x50' $2.50