Secure Storage Units in Lodi

We work with you at Wisechoice Self Storage to ensure that your property is safe and protected when you book our storage units in Lodi. We can offer round-the-clock security across our premises by employing the latest technology to help keep your belongings safe. If you have a classic car or another prized vehicle, you can keep it here as well as in our auto storage space.

Controlled Access, Cameras, and Lights

Our secured storage facility prioritizes the safety of our customers’ property in many ways. One of the measures we take is providing a personalized computer access code for the entry gate. This also helps monitor access by logging who is coming and going at all times.

We also monitor our property with 12 surveillance cameras strategically mounted to provide a complete view of the grounds. These cameras are linked to on-site monitors in the office to observe what is happening around the facility. The grounds and buildings are lighted so that we can continue to monitor the area around the clock.


On-Site Management

We have taken the additional step of providing on-site residential managers who are at your service when on duty. They live at the facility separated from the secured storage area by a coded access gate. These staff members are experts on our Wisechoice Self Storage is run and are prepared to assist you in any way possible.